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Get access to the lab for 60 days. The expiration time will start on the labs startup day which can be scheduled by yourself.

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Explore the world of penetration testing. Learn how to penetrate networks, systems and applications. Understand the difference between hacking and penetration testing. Become a penetration tester.

Specialists in IT security are in demand like never before. Threats from online attackers are increasing in particular. To protect themselves, companies need IT security experts who can identify vulnerabilities in their IT systems and present these in a report. So you can slip into the role of a pentester, you will learn the basics of penetration testing in our online training:

  • Introduction of Penetration Testing
  • Legal Basics
  • Hacking vs. Penetration Testing
  • Classification
  • Information Value of Penetration Tests
  • International Standards for Penetration Testing
  • Hacking I - Network Scanning
  • Hacking II - Password attacks
  • Hacking III - Web Applications
  • Hacking IV - Privilege Escalation
  • Hacking V - Tunneling Techniques
  • Hacking VI - Vulnerability Scanning and Metasploit Framework
  • Demonstration of a Penetration Test
  • Risk Assessment
  • Report preparation

In addition to the same technical procedures used by malicious attacker we also provide you with all the necessary steps to carry out a professional penetration test. Specifically, you will not only be able to identify and exploit security gaps in company networks and applications, but also convince your prospective client with an organized approach and a structured pentest report on your findings.

What is special about this course? We provide you with a lab environment: The network of the fictional company "Dubius Payment Ltd."

We will give you a lab for practicing. This is the main feature of our course, it allows you to sharpen your skills. It will be a personal one, only for you. There is no need to share it with other students. You get 60 days access and during this time you can choose when to hack. The lab will be always online for you. After purchasing our training, you can set the start date of the laboratory in our portal.

The network of "Dubius Payment Ltd." is divided into different network segments and protected by a firewall. In these segments you will find widespread services like Samba and DNS as well as various web applications.

Our online course on penetration testing implements a didactic concept that allows you to learn the content in theory and practice by self-studying.

When your training starts you'll have access to

  • the digital course materials and
  • the virtual network of "Dubius Payment Ltd." through OpenVPN

The documents for the course are divided into chapters. After each chapter there is a small multiple choice test or an open question that allows you to check your study progress. In the chapters we explain the theoretical fundamentals and also refer to external (free) standard documents or publications on the Internet. It is important to study content on your own as far as possible, to be able to use it in reality. We give you the basics, so to speak.

After the chapter "Hacking I - Network Scanning" you are ready to take a look around the network of "Dubius Payment Ltd.". In the following hacking capters you will learn more about attacks in theory, which you can try in your lab environment. During your 60 days access period you will spend most of the time in the lab, the network of the "Dubius Payment Ltd". Here you are going to transform you theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

Prerequisite for participation in our online training "Pentest Training" are no specific school or academic degrees. The course is aimed at people, who have deep theoretical and practical experience in IT, such as system administrators, software developers, and computer science students just before graduation. Thus, prior knowledge of the following fields is essential:

  • Usage of OS like Linux and Windows
    • Installation of software like VirtualBox
    • Basic shell and terminal commands
  • Understanding of networks and services:
    • ISO/OSI-Model
    • TCP/IP, UDP
    • SSH, Web-Server, FTP-Server
  • Basics of programming
    • Scripting languages like Python
    • Compiling of C-Code
  • Basics of IT security controls
    • Firewalls
    • Authentication and access controls
  • Language skills
    • English (writing reports)

Performing Penetration Tests of networks and services requires a computer, of course. On your computer you need a Linux system (such as Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux). You may install it in a virtual environment like VirtualBox. We therefore recommend the following hardware requirements:

  • at least 6GB RAM
  • at least 20GB free hard disk space
  • an internet connection with a bandwith of at least 1 Mbps

To connect to our lab environment you need the open source software "OpenVPN". If you use a firewall that restricts outbound traffic - for example within a company network - you may need to allow outgoing traffic to our OpenVPN server and its tcp port. You will receive your server IP and port with the configuration file for your VPN. For technical reasons, this is not going to be the default port of OpenVPN.

In addition to the following FAQ regarding our Pentest Training, please also see our general FAQ page.

This training does not include an exam or an certification. But you can purchase our "Pentest Exam ". If you are a registered user, you can purchase both our "Pentest Training" and our "Pentest Exam" as bundle with a discount. Of course you can also buy both individually or just one of them.

After you have purchased a course, you can access the course materials and schedule the start date of your personal lab. The 60 days period starts with the scheduled start date.

Our test persons have shown that you have to invest at least 40 hours in the course / the laboratory, if you already have some experience. On average, we think that an effort between 60 and 80 hours is realistic. We recommend that you spread your own invested time over the 60 days lab access and adapt it to the own learning behavior.

At University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (HDA) Penetration Testing is taught as a classroom lecture and as an online self-study course. The course materials of the online self-study course are identical to the course materials of the Pentest Training. In both cases a part of the laboratory environment of Dubius Payment Ltd. is used. At the university the exam form is still the written exam in both cases. The binsec academy GmbH provides the course for the participants of the HDA free of charge. The corresponding user accounts on the portal are generated by binsec academy GmbH itself. As a student account registration in advance is not necessary and should be avoided.