The Dubius Universe

What is the Dubius Payment Ltd?

Dubius Payment Ltd is a fictitious company that we as binsec acadamy GmbH include in our online training courses. As you can imagine, applied IT security cannot be learned purely from books, which is why we place our course participants in a virtual world in which they can and should put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. In our Pentest Training participants perform a penetration test on the company network of Dubius Payment Ltd and in our Secure Coding Training they look for weak points in a payment application for credit card transactions in order to fix them.

In order to offer you the most realistic situation, we modeled the employees of Dubius Payment Ltd: The characters are represented on social networks and are related to each other through an exciting background story.

Dubius Payment Ltd

What drives us!

"Make your $$$ great again" - Damian Westcott, CEO


We trust our IT systems
Everything is AES encrypted - NSA ready encryption. Where other companies use caesar encryption, or just simple ROT26, we use highly secure 2x128bit AES encryption.


Our CEO Damian Westcott takes care
Our great team - leaded by CEO Westcott - takes care of everything: Secure credit card tokenization service. Secure online Payments. Secure cvv storage.

Green payments

Make your $$$ great again.
Big payment service provider are blue? We are green! The only true payment color.
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