Online IT Security Training Courses

Get hands-on experience in your lab environment

This is a BETA ENVIRONMENT. Currently our Pentest Training is available for selected users only. It will be available for private and corporate customers end of 2017, depending of approval by the German ZFU (State Office for Distance Learning). If you are interested in our pentest course, please register to get updates and news about pentest trainings. Registration itself is free of charge.

binsec academy

100% Online Training
All our IT Security Trainings are 100% online. There is no need to travel to a training. You decide when and where you want to learn. This is especially suitable for IT professionals or students, that have a high work load during the day. You only need an internet connection to connect to our portal and be able to establish an OpenVPN connection to your personal lab environment to get hands-on experience during your training.
Hands-on Training Experience
Our goal is to give you real hands-on training experience. Nothing is better than trying something yourself, if you want to learn it. You are not going to see some boring videos, where we show you how we do it. We will explain everything in writing and in detail. You will get a lab environment, where you can practice and learn. Our didactic approach: As much practice as possible! You are going to do as much as possible on your own. We are your guide to success, but you need to do it yourself.
For Private and Corporate Customers
We are focusing on both - private and corporate customers. Nevertheless our portal fits to the special needs of corporate customers. There is fundamental difference between a private customer account and a corporate customer account to our academy portal. While an account for a private customer is only for one person, of course, a corporate customer account allows a company to manage multiple employee accounts. Companies can also make large orders with a discount.

About us

binsec academy was founded by binsec GmbH, a consulting company specialized in information and it security. After many years in security consulting it became obvious that the key to security are primarily people instead of information technology systems. Systems are designed, developed and used by people, so providing security education is the key to improve overall security.