Training Courses for Private Customer

An overview of our training courses for private customer only

Pentest Training

Explore the world of penetration testing. Learn how to penetrate networks, systems and applications. Understand the difference between hacking and professional penetration testing.

Our training is 100% online. The only thing you need is a reasonable internet connection. You can choose where and when to learn: Our portal is worldwide accessable.

We enable you to learn by yourself: We will give you detailed explanations in writing with examples and give you the opportunity to try these things in your own lab environment. You can connect to your lab with your OpenVPN credentials - scan it, penetrate it, perform injection attacks, run exploits and more.


Online Training

Learn and practice wherever you like and in your own time.

Hands-On Experience

The course content will remain in your head, due to the high hands-on experience.

Comprehensive Training Lab

Explore our comprehensive training lab. Practice your new skills.

Pentest Exam

During our Pentest Exam you need to perform a penetration test on a company's network and application. After successful completion of the online exam, you receive a certificate: BACPP (Binsec Academy Certified Pentest Professional).

The BACPP certificate will show others that you know the basics of penetration testing and that you are able to perform penetration tests yourself and write comprehensive reports.


Perform a Pentest

Perform a penetration test on a company's network and applications.

Get a certificate

The BACPP certificate will be issued, after successful completion of the online exam.